Romantic Engagement Ideas

romantic engagement ideas

Combine any of the romantic engagement ideas and proposals below to come up with something romantic and uniquely yours.

1. Web Development

This romantic engagement idea takes a little more effort than most. Buy a domain name with you and your partner’s name on it. ie. Then, create a website that has some pictures of you and her together and then have one link that has a will you marry me or a love poem on it. One day, just casually go surfing the web and ask her to check if that domain is taken. Voila!

2. Engraving Engagement Tree

Go hiking in the mountains and countryside, but before going with her you must go out there and find a tree to cut out your names or initials. ie. T + J Forever When you go back with your gf, find the same tree and say maybe we should carve out our names and when you find your carving, pop the question!

3. Swinging Back an Engagement

Do you know where your gf grew up? Find out where she used to play in the park and if there is a swing in the park still. Bring your ring with you and as you are pushing her back and forth on the swing, get down on one knee and pop the question, she’ll jump off the swing with joy!

4. Dance to the Engagement

This one is easy. Get your favourite love song on a portable mp3 player and bring it with you on a romantic getaway trip. When you are in a romantic location, ask your partner if she would like to dance. Either place an earpiece in or ear or if its loud enough just crank up your phone or mp3 player. This would be most romantic where couples wouldn’t usually dance. Be creative!

5. Heart to Heart Idea

Another easy one. Find the best beach that you can get access to or fly to. As you are walking down the beach around sunset or sunrise, trace out a heart in the sand. Jump into it together with her and then ask her to marry you.

6. Picnic the Proposal

Invite your partner to head to a park on the weekend. Head out with a picnic blanket, some fruit, gourmet cheese and crackers. Some sandwiches would be nice too. Hide a small tin of caviar and a couple small bottles of champagne to celebrate. When you find a romantic spot, start bringing out the snacks and when the timing is right pop the question. Celebrate!

7. Ballooning Engagement

Rent a hot air balloon trip as a special surprise. Tell her that you got a discount on Groupon or some other website and it was too cheap to pass up. Many companies will allow you to have some champagne on the trip as you float away – you know what to do.

8. Business Proposal

This one may or many not “fly” depending on your partner’s job. If you are close with your partner’s boss, ask the boss to trick your partner into thinking there is a business meeting they must attend in one of your partner’s favourite cities. Tell the boss to keep the details to a minimum, but have the hotel and flight booked. Arrive there on the next plane out and surprise her at the restaurant where the business meeting is to take place. You can also just make it at a nearby restaurant, but the surprise is key.

9. Racy Engagement

If your partner loves sports cars or exhilirating events, rent a sports car and take it to a track.. Pick up your partner and give her some Marilyn Monroe sunglasses and a white cashmere scarf. After cruising around town and going to the track, propose anywhere you like and get a root beer float.

10. Marshmallow Proposal

Finally, another great outdoors proposal. After a day of hiking, scavenge around for some firewood. Make sure you bring some firestarter with you. As you sit by the fire with your partner toasting marshmallows and enjoying the stars, ask her to marry you.

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