How to Care for your Fine Jewelry

diamond rings fine jewelry

In order to prolong the beauty, life and  value of your high quality diamond and other fine jewelry we suggest that you  clean and care for your jewelry using the following guidelines.

Jewelry Care:

Always protect your fine jewelry when it is not being worn by separating it from other jewelry and storing it in separate compartments of a jewelry box. Diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry and gold jewelry, if improperly stored can damage each other.

To be safe, do not allow the diamonds, gemstones and gold jewelry to touch each other. Always wipe your fine jewelry before storing it with a soft cloth to remove oils and dirt.

Cultured and natural pearls need special care because of their softness. Always clean and dry them to remove body oils and salts prior to storage. Special chamois leather pouches are available that will keep pearls safe from harm.

Everyday wear and tear will eventually weaken or break the prongs and other metal components of your jewelry. It is a recommended that you have a professional jeweler examine your jewelry once a year. If necessary, a professional jeweler can repair prongs, ring shanks, and necklace clasps, and resize rings that fit poorly.

Jewelry Cleaning:

The safest technique for cleaning high quality diamond and other fine jewelry is by hand, using a mild soap and water solution and a soft brush. An alternate home cleaning solution can be prepared with one part mild detergent, one part household ammonia and three parts water.

This method can be safely used on diamonds, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, topaz, tanzanite and tourmaline. DO NOT USE this method to clean amber, coral, emerald, jade, opal, turquoise or lapis lazuli. The only safe method that is recommended for cleaning these gemstones is a soft cloth.

A home ultrasonic cleaner should only be used to clean gold or silver jewelry that does not contain gemstones. The vibrations may loosen stones in their settings or in some cases shatter the gemstone. NEVER use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean emeralds, topaz, tanzanite, turquoise, amber, coral, opal, lapis lazuli or pearls.

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